The EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) Curriculum

The EYFS curriculum has been provided by Ofsted and is followed nationwide in all early years settings and by all early years providers. It was originally introduced in September 2008 and revised and streamlined in September 2012.

All our staff at Blossoms have been trained in the requirements of the EYFS and the staff working with specific ge-groups are familiar with the intricacies of their age-group and are able to implement the curriculum so each child can access activities in order to best meet their individual needs and goals.

Each child regardless of their age and stage of development is assigned a ‘key person’ who is responsible for all their record keeping and progress reports. Each child also has a Learning Journey which charts their learning and development from their very first day with us right up until the day they leave us and is passed on to either parents or school as a record of their achievements.

At Blossoms we recognise that each child is a unique individual that has been born ready, able and eager to learn. We know that children reach out to interact with other people and the world around them but we understand that development is not an automatic process. Development in all children depends on each child having opportunities to interact in positive relationships and environments which enable their learning to take place. Our staff team are specifically chosen and trained to  be able to bring together the themes and principles of the EYFS curriculum in order to help all the children at Blossoms to actively learn, interact positively and grow and develop in every possible way.